Finding the Best English Course

Kurs engleskog, ucionicaYour initial search can be made more efficient by searching the Internet. Google might be a beginning point. To get as many useful results as possible, syntax “English course” can be typed in your mother tongue.

When some interesting results are found, the best way to get an objective opinion is to have a list of criteria made in advance. For example,žlocation of school, business hours, maximum number of students in class, price, professional teacher’s competence…

When your list of potential courses is reduced to a few, it might be a good time for making a phone call to schools and setting up a meeting, in order to find out more about the courses, the atmosphere during classes, and maybe some test could be offered to you to do.

One common mistake is to make a choice in a hurry, according to only one criterion. Your time, money and desire to learn will be saved by avoiding a hasty decision.

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