Definition of Winter

 Pročitajte tekst na srpskom
+18°C In Hawaii they take an extra blanket. +10°C In buildings in Helsinki they turn off the heating.
+2°C Italian cars can’t start.
0°C Distilled water freezes.
-1°C You can see your breath. The Russians eat ice-cream and drink beer.
-4°C Your dog gets into your bed.
-10°C French cars can’t start.
-12°C Politicians start talking about the homeless.
-15°C American cars can’t start.
-20°C You can hear your breath.
-24°C Japanese cars can’t start.
-28°C Your dog gets into your pyjamas.
-29°C German cars can’t start.
-30°C No normal car can start.
-36°C Russian cars can’t start.
-39°C The Russians button up their shirts.
-50°C Your car gets into your bed.
-60°C People in Helsinki are freezing. In Moscow they button up their coats.
-70°C Hell freezes. University in Kuznetsk organizes a cross-country.
-72°C Lawyers get their hands into their own pockets.
-120°C Alcohol freezes. The Russians are completely screwed.
-273,15°C Absolute zero. Elementary particles stop moving. A Russian guy licks frozen vodka.