Knight’s Day

vitez stikerIn every person’s life there are many important times. For me it was when I became a knight. When you are a child, every dream seems possible.

When I was a child, my parents used to tell me stories about imaginary world, shiny knights, dragons and wizards and of course about princesses. I never loved princesses, I really don’t know why?Maybe, because they were to soft for my taste, if they were girls just like me. But my favorite were knights and wizards.

I was a very boring and impatient child and I couldn’t wait what would happen in the next episode of my parents’ stories. So, that means that I forced them to tell me stories constantly which meant that they always had to have something new for me.

But, one day, when I was in my usual “tell me the story” mood, my father found a perfect solution for me. During dinner time suddenly he told me to get down on my knees and he proclaimed me into the knight with chicken bones. What I felt at that very important moment I couldn’t explain and that feeling had never happened again. I know that I was very proud of myself and my parents were saved for the next few days.

Today, my parents are still laughing at me and my knight’s days. For me this episode of my life looks like I was having a dream about someone who was having a funny dream about me.

Sanja (Advanced level)