Homosexuality – for and against

Pročitajte dva različita viđenja ovog fenomena sa ženskog i muškog stanovišta.

Text 1

Once upon a time many things were forbidden to be spoken. People kept their ears closed and their mouths shut for a very long time. But, somehow, forbidden words started to come out. And one day, in a land far, far away, someone said: “I am gay!” without a punishment. And the new era had begun.

Even they had kept themselves hidden from the rest of the “normal” people for a long time, homosexuals have carried their roots since the Antique period. It is well known that even famous Aristotle liked to “play” with young boys. It is not a trend nowadays, it is in human nature that some of the people love and like making love with persons of the same sex. And they can’t change it. There is evidence of homosexual behaviour between animals, and that fact may lead us to the conclusion that being homosexual isn’t connected with human possibility to think and talk. Being homosexual isn’t an opinion or choice, it is a feeling.

If we observe this social problem from the evolutionary point of view, we can freely say that the nature is fooling us around. Our main task and reason for our presence in this world are transmitting our genes to the next generation and extending of the existence of the human species. Since we are neither plants nor fungi, sexual reproduction with the opposite sex is demanded. And for that reason, homosexuals are nothing else but evolutionary junk, since their tasks won’t be completed.

The specific reasons why homosexuality exists still remain unknown. Most of the scientists would say that it is a mix of genetic inheritance, growing-up, education and environmental impacts. But one thing’s for sure: we mustn’t be bothered with the origin of homosexuality, we should learn how to respect differences between each other.

Divna, Upper-Intermediate

Text 2

A very important issue of today’s society is the matter of homosexuals and other, sexually demented persons. Arguments between the people who approve this kind of behaviour and those who don’t are causing a lot of problems.

It’s very hard to find an argument which states that homosexuality is normal, but… Homosexuality is OK only if you are a woman :)

Homosexuality is not normal because it’s just not natural. Imagine that all people in the world are gay… In that case you would be able to love and appreciate  only your own sex. You wouldn’t have a reason to  be in  good  relations  with  the  opposite  sex,  so  it  means  that  men  and  women  would  be  enemies.  By  saying  that  homosexuality  is  normal  and  gay  people  are  the  same  and  equal  as  straight  people,  we  are  making  the  environment  in  which  the young  population  would  have  a  choice:  whether  they  are  going  to  be  straight  or  they  are  going  to  be  gay.  Both  would  be  the  same  and  normal,  but IT IS NOT NORMAL.

I  don’t  think  that  homosexuals  should  be  discriminated.  My  opinion  is  that  they  need  medical  help,  but  they  should  be  able  to  have  a  normal  life.  They  just  need  to  accept  the  fact  that  they  are  different  and  so  they  are  not  supposed  to  be  exposed.  I  also  think  that  life  of  a  gay  person  is  not  easy,  and  I  don’t  know  how  I  would  react  and  think  if  I  were  gay,  but  no  person  should  say  homosexuality  is  normal  and  no  one  should  promote homosexuality as natural.

Jovan, Upper-Intermediate