Effects of Globalization


The aim of this report is to describe how globalisation has affected the acceptance of the holidays that are not very usual for our country.


Serbian people have a general perception of celebrating holidays and the celebration of important dates during the year. There are New Year and Christmas as well as the Orthodox New Year, as something that most of us celebrate.

Apart from that, about 90 percent of people from my country celebrate the day of their saint and this custom is passed on from generation to generation. Serbian people are proud of it but on the other hand that celebration has actually lost any sense nowadays. This is because the goal of what our ancestors achieved by marking that day now no longer exists.


On the other hand it can be noted that the majority of young people in Serbia started to celebrate the dates like 14th February and 31st October (Valentine’s day and Halloween) and they seem to really enjoy them.


Although there are still those who do not approve taking over the west holidays, I think that there is nothing bad in that.


Napredni nivo (Advanced level, C1)