A Report

Evo, primera kako se piše izveštaj na engleskom jeziku. Ovaj rad može biti od koristi polaznicima na višim nivoima.


The aim of this report is to describe work of Language School Liber and to inspect possibilities of further improvement.

Staff members

The school is lead by Vladimir, main boss and also perfect waiter (who has never spilt any beverage). Teachers are, as I have known so far, mostly young and quite communicative, which inspire students to frequently use foreign language.

School building

Position of school is also very important, because it is in quiet neighborhood and well connected with all parts of town, so people don’t need too much time to spend in commuting. The school itself is situated inside Elementary School, which saves costs and keeps high level of hygiene and comfort.

Working methodology

There are two kinds of courses: standard and accelerated. Standard is based on two seeings per week in duration of hour and a half, and it is meant for those who wants to really understand language. Accelerated is based on about five seeings per week, and it is intended for students who wants fast improvements and/or revision. Courses are consisted of reading, writing, practicing grammar, expanding vocabulary and improving pronunciation, with lot of discussions, tests, quizzes, games and so on.

Ideas for improvement

Personally, I think that should be founded a library, for each foreign language. Students, in order to join library, should buy at least one book. Elementary school pupils shouldn’t use those books, because they often don’t care about preserving books. Also, there should be a list of most wanted books, in case that someone wants to buy a book, and doesn’t know which one.


All in all, with everything that has been done in the past, and maybe with some minor changes in the future, the school has a bright future.