Lexis in Context Files 1&2

Lexis in Context

Advanced level

Files 1 & 2

For all you guys who are attending or have attended the Advanced level of English File coursebook, we have prepared this little revision quiz. After completing files 1 and 2, you can check your progress concerning Lexis in Context from the corresponding lessons. Enjoy!


1. As a little boy, I would always ___ my father’s hand if we came across a big dog in the street.
2. Are you the kind of person who tends to ___ until the last minute?
3. When I decided to move house, I didn’t write a list of all the pros and cons of the new place. I just ___ .
4. Write a 2-word phrase in the box providedWhat has happened to your mind if you can’t remember simple things, such as your phone number, for a short period of time?
5. Write a 3-word phrase in the box providedIf your friends are running too fast for you to be able to run together, what can’t you do?
6. Write a 3-word phrase in the box providedWhat do you do if you think you are better then some other people?
7. If you’d followed my directions ___ , you wouldn’t have got lost!
8. My mother was always ___ different types of stew out of whatever she could find in the fridge.
9. I wouldn’t worry about that meeting. It’s not ___ , you know .
10. Complete with 2 wordsMany students of English are often bewildered by the  of spelling, irregular verbs, and exceptions to the rules.
11. Complete with 1 wordDo you ever need to consult a dictionary for spelling in your mother tongue?
12. Complete with 2 wordsToday there is less of a to speaking with a regional accent than some years ago.
13. I’m sure his dizziness was just a ___ to make us all feel sorry for him.
14. Our new colleague is really struggling to ___ with heavy ___.
15. When I was a kid, I used to ___ a long white room like a laboratory, with pots of chocolate ___ away on the stoves.