Questions with Prepositions

Prepositions at the End of Questions

How we make these questions

Questions like these are made the usual way, with a preposition at the end.


We need to use a preposition at the end of a question when the verb or adjective in the sentence requires a preposition.


talk about

What did Helen and Tom talk about last night?

listen to

What kind of music do you like listening to?

look at

What is your friend looking at?

be interested in

What books are they interested in?

be famous for

What is your town famous for?

Make full sentences from the prompts, and add a suitable preposition at the end.

  • Who does this book belong to?

What is she thinking about at the moment?

Where does your cousin come from? Hungary or Romania?

Which restaurant do you recommend to eat at?

What is your boss responsible for?

Which presidential candidate are they going to vote for next week? 

What sports are you interested in?

Who was she buying the present for when you saw her?