Mixed Conditionals

Mixed Conditionals

How we make Mixed Conditionals

1. 2nd + 3rd = IF + Past Tense, WOULD/WOULDN’T HAVE + past participle

2. 3rd + 2nd = IF + HAD/HADN’T + past participle, WOULD/WOULDN’T + HAVE + past participle


Use the 1st type Mixed Conditional when you want to say how things would have been different in the PAST if the PRESENT circumstances were different.

Use the 2nd type Mixed Conditional when you want to say how things would be different NOW if the PAST circumstances had been different.


1st Type

2nd Type

  1. If I were a man, I would have probably studied civil engineering.
  2. If they didn’t have a small baby, they would have come to the party last night.
  3. My cousin would have got that job if he had the right qualifications.
  1. If you hadn’t eaten so much as a child, you wouldn’t be so fat now.
  2. 2. If we had earned more money, we would live in  a better area of the city today.
  3. She would have a job now, if she’d left a better impression on the interviewers last week.

Now read some facts about a young criminal, and write Mixed Conditional sentences to say how his life would be different now if he had lived a different life in the past.


Why did Jimmy become a criminal?


Example: If Jimmy hadn’t been brought up by a violent mother, he would be a happy young man now.

1. If Jimmy’s father ___ (be absent) from the home, Jimmy would learn how to be a good man.

2. If he hadn’t been poor, maybe today he ___ (know) how to make money honestly.

3. If hadn’t been bullied at school, he probably ___ (be aggressive) now.

4. If his friends ___ (encourage) him to shoplift, he ___ (be) a thief now.

5. He also ___ (have) a police record today if he ___ (do better) at school.

Check your answers

hadn’t been

would know

wouldn’t be aggressive 

hadn’t encouraged… wouldn’t be 

wouldn’t have… had done better