Changing Roles

Can a woman nowadays be only a woman, or does she sometimes have to be a man too? And what about a man?

Earlier, a woman had a very simple role in society. She used to be a mother and a wife, supported by her husband, simply characterized as the weaker gender and that was all about the subject “woman”.

Fortunately, she’s become stronger, she has more rights, she is treated differently. A modern woman is a mother, a wife, she has a career, she takes care of her parents, she is a family backbone. And, where is the man? He stands and watches her, stuck between “the old one” and “the new one” and doesn’t know what to do. A man used to have a simple role too. He used to be a father, a husband, a family backbone. A career was reserved for him.Čitajte dalje

One sad story

I met Milica my first day at college. We were together in the group, and also a neighbors. For a very short time we became the best friends. Since we didn’t know many people in Belgrade and everything was totally new, two of us spent most of the time together. So, this is how I met Miljana.

Miljana was Milica’s relative. She was older then us, Law student. Absolutely fantastic girl! Funny, smart, wonderful! One of the best students. The most positive girl I have ever met. She showed us the town, introduced us with her friends, we went out together… From that time onwards she was like our older sister and best friend at the same time.Čitajte dalje

A Report

Evo, primera kako se piše izveštaj na engleskom jeziku. Ovaj rad može biti od koristi polaznicima na višim nivoima.


The aim of this report is to describe work of Language School Liber and to inspect possibilities of further improvement.

Staff members

The school is lead by Vladimir, main boss and also perfect waiter (who has never spilt any beverage). Teachers are, as I have known so far, mostly young and quite communicative, which inspire students to frequently use foreign language.Čitajte dalje


Pročitajte dva različita viđenja ovog fenomena sa ženskog i muškog stanovišta.

Text 1

Once upon a time many things were forbidden to be spoken. People kept their ears closed and their mouths shut for a very long time. But, somehow, forbidden words started to come out. And one day, in a land far, far away, someone said: “I am gay!” without a punishment. And the new era had begun.

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After a time, Once upon a time, in a small beautiful village lived a beautiful girl. She was called Mara.

Like other girls, she led cows to pasture. Girls also spun wool. On meadow was a deep pit. One day an old man, who walked around, told them: “If some of you spindles falls in the pit, her mother will become a cow.” Girls smiled and brought closer to the pit. One day Mara’s spindle fell into the pit. When she returned home her mother had become cow.Čitajte dalje

Knight’s Day

vitez stikerIn every person’s life there are many important times. For me it was when I became a knight. When you are a child, every dream seems possible.

When I was a child, my parents used to tell me stories about imaginary world, shiny knights, dragons and wizards and of course about princesses. I never loved princesses, I really don’t know why? Čitajte dalje