Business English: Sales – prodaja

In this lesson you will learn some basic words used in sales.

  • The words supply, manufacture, retail and wholesale can be used as verbs or nouns. The word provide is only used as a verb.
  • We say that you supply and provide someone with something: The company supplies / provides us with their products. 
  • Provide can also be used with an object only: Law firms provide legal advice.
  • The word wholesale is more often used as a noun and adjective than as a verb. (veleprodaja, veleprodajni)
  • The words on the right represent people or, more often, companies which do the activities expressed by the verb/noun. We add the -er ending to all of them.

Try to complete the sentences below with the correct word:

  1. We need to phone our supply / supplier / retail. They still haven’t delivered the new products we ordered.
  2. A: Which provider / manufacture / manufacturer do you think we should do business with this year? The Chinese company which makes leather jackets, or the Indian producer of leather safari outfits? B: I suppose the Indians manufacture / supplier / retail better quality clothes, and the safari style is a lot more popular this season.
  3. This new company that manufactures / wholesales / provides us with Internet services is better than the previous one.
  4. Where can we find a really good car parts wholesaler / retail / supply? Our new store needs about 1,000 spare tyres.
  5. If you pay in advance, we can supply / supplier / retail you with the new line of our perfume by the 20th November.